Any creative effort comes with a certain level of anxiety.  Courage in Creativity teaches us to use that anxiety to fuel our inspiration in a judgment free space. In this workshop, we learn abstract techniques, paint with 40+ fabulous paint colors (including metallics), and work with a variety of brushes, tools, and textures before creating our own masterpieces. Courage in Creativity is for all levels - beginners to professionals. We learn, laugh, and paint cool art. Join us!

In Art Without Limits, we experiment with fabulous new tools and abstract techniques. We play with layering and excavating to create greater texture and depth. We’ll pile on metallic paints and chunky texture mediums, attach cool collage papers, and use funky brush strokes to explore the endless possibilities of abstract - far beyond rules and design principles. If you’ve taken Courage in Creativity with Paula, this is a wonderful next step to learning and trying even more abstract techniques. If you haven’t taken Courage in Creativity, this is a fabulous start to playing with abstract art! All techniques are easy to use, for anyone at any level. No experience preferred!

2017/18 Workshops

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“PJ has a fun loving personality. She is approachable, creative, and inspirational."

  "You are a natural at teaching and motivating."
 "Great job making your students feel at ease.”

"I loved PJ's energy and enthusiasm. Plus she's super organized!"

"PJ was a joy. She allowed for a safe environment."

“I appreciated Paula's honesty about her own process as an artist."

"I couldn't believe all the supplies, time/work put into holding the class, choices, help with creativity blocks
 "You are not only a great teacher, engaging, fun and talented, you made the entire class feel good about what they were doing. Thank you."
“You gave us the freedom to generate without 'How To's' that can crowd people’s spontaneity. Genius!”

"WOW. I didn't think I could do it. But I just let go and it happened.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!